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Cotton hand dyed yarns for hand and machine knitting

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Product Description

The new product line in my shop – hand dyed yarns in inspiring colors for hand and machine knitting! Beginners and experienced knitters, for you to evaluate and enjoy!

Those yarns are made of 70% cotton and 30% viscose.
Cotton is known as highly hygienic fiber. It absorbs moisture.
Clothing made of cotton is excellent to wear in the summer heat.
It makes you feel in harmony with the nature.

Cotton thread has a high strength, but minimal elasticity.
In this blend there is also 30% of viscose.
Cotton – viscose is a very successful combination.
Viscose is tender, but not very durable, while cotton adds strength to this alliance .
Viscose is elastic, while cotton isn’t.
The final yarn has silky shine appearance.
They work amazingly together.

I designed those yarns to look like shoe-laces.
Thread is wounded in a way you can choose how to rewind it for your own purpose.
If for machine knitting, then on a cone, or in a ball if for manual hand knitting.

There are about 200gr of those yarns, which makes approximately 170 m of thread.
Yarn dyed manually, each part in different colors: beige, light brown, dark brown, two shades of gray . The inspiration came from the colors of earth , rocks.

Clothing made of those yarns need to be washed at 40 degrees, iron at 150 degrees. Better to hand wash with mild detergent. If a washing machine is used, please, go for a soft wash without spinning. Wet knitwear should’t be hanged, but rather spread on a towel on a flat surface, giving the clothing desired shape and size.
Once a clothing is dry, it’s better to iron with steam.