How to make a seam on a manual knitting machine

Hello, knitters!

My name is Gala Golansky. I’m a knit-art designer. I work with manual knitting machines.

Today I’ll talk about one kind of seams, made on a knitting machine. It looks aesthetic, neat, but still leaves an impression of hand-made crafting.

Just to show you an example, I knit a small piece. To cast on, I use a very nice method. A very old knitter showed it to me many years ago. I’m very used to it and love it very much! Of course, you are welcome to adopt it! The way you cast on, as well as the way you cast off, influences the appearance of the seam at the end. I plan to prepare another movie showing other methods and their results.

So, we see here a small knitted sample. I connect the last row with the first one, casting on the first row on the same needles. There are many advantages of this way of connection. It’s especially helpful while knitting sweaters, tunics, dresses, that were created using my genuine technique; I call “transversal knitting”. I’ll prepare a separate video, explaining about this technique. So, this seam can be located on front or back sides. It could serve as a base for buttons. It could be used for a hat. It can be even a decoration, added to your sweater once or in multiple locations. You can go mad using another color for this seam or hide a pocket behind or a fold. There is no limit of whatever can be done with this tool!

There is no doubt; “transversal” knitting is my beloved technique, my mostly used tool! There are plenty of styles and items, made this way. In future, I’ll expose some of them with great excitement!

Please, try this tip, use it and share your ideas and experience in comments!

See you soon!

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